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On 60th death anniversary of Albert Camus

January 04, 2020 | 2 min read

“The systematic waste of able-bodied individuals in the county is not only killing the country but also the lively and vibrant ideas that will ensure its future. This is what we must avoid and it’s this situation that we must remind people of every day, every hour if necessary in all articles, all broadcasts, all gatherings, and all proclamations aimed at those who set the pace of this war. The rest is up to us.”

Camus’ greatest concern seems to be the renewal of the country’s intellectual elite following the widespread “appalling destruction” of thinkers. And in some strange way I can relate it to our present situation. Our country’s intellectuals have been engaged in matters of no importance so aggressively that that grand picture of the nation’s future has been lost. Conditioning and brain damaging of mass of people is being done systemically in the name of religion, social classes and economic crisis. While Camus meant literal killing of intellectual of his country, he would have expressed same concerns if he could see now the brainwashing being done by the leaders and so called intellectuals for fame and power. It is a murderous act to destroy the lively and vibrant ideas that would guarantee our country’s future.

India has witnessed some drastic change in its nation’s policy in near past. And that hasn’t been welcomed by the fellow countrymen so far by large. Those “We-Know-It-All” intellectuals have been opposing the leader and his style of leadership by ways which can certainly lead to self-destruction of our nation in a long run.

Changes seem to be rebellious should be perceived with an open sight and understanding that no rebellion can exist without strange form of love, which in our case is the love for the motherland. Our leaders’ past lives are evident what vision they are trying to carry. We have not been so united, strengthened in our longest history. Not even when we were extravagantly prosperous during the times of some great kingdoms. As a country in modern times, this can be the most viable and sensible path to lead on. To pursue this journey as a nation in a world so messy and fragile, it can be a great advantage for future generations.

Those who carry certain powers and intellect should dig deeper inside their own shortcomings and the history of our country neutrally to which all seem biased. It is time to make it or break it.

“People hasten to judge in order not to be judged themselves. ~ Albert Camus”

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