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Effects of modernity on society and individual

December 28, 2019 | 1 min read

Modern times don’t allow anything by chance. It is assumed that the nature is basically law-governed and predictable. And it has come at a time when most societies are fragile, unstable. More importantly impact of technology and its evolution is unpredictable and yet standardization of human’s interaction with nature has been the primary agenda. Current social condition is in state of flux. Individual identity and imagined societies - everything is temporary and subject to unpredictable change owing to social media advancements and fast track globalization.

People are striving for planning and predictability. Maybe that’s the reason most human capitals have become interchangeable parts. Individual has been standardized. Behaviours are restricted. The probability these days is not a unique property of modernity. Intuitive nature has been destroyed by measurements. Calculative attitude is dominant. Goals of individuals in modernity are becoming more and more pre-packaged and intention of making them such are predictable. This system effectively ensures that individuals will not lead to any form of meaningful contentment.

Value of intuition and chance is highly overlooked. Expressions are confined by predictions. Hence potential is lost.

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