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Is india against Hindutva?

February 19, 2020 | 2 min read

History Warns

The verdict of history is therefore too clear to be mistaken. It was the absence of national consciousness, of the feeling of being the organic limbs of a single national entity with the resultant mutual hatred, discord, jealousy and internecine quarrels to gain little selfish ends that has eaten into the vitals of our nation over the last thousand years. It was not the Muslims or the English who were our enemies but we ourselves. The Gita says,

आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मनः ॥

(We are our own friends; we are our own foes.)

Alas, in our case, the truth of the latter half has been proved! So we say that it is no use cursing the external aggressors as being responsible for our degeneration and destruction. After all it is in the nature of predatory nations to overrun, plunder and destroy other weaker countries. If a serpent bites a person, that is not its fault. That is in its very nature. The fault lies with the person who does not exercise caution and protect himself against the possible attack. Unfortunately, during the last one thousand years of our history, even after repeated experiences of disgraces and disasters, we failed to learn the basic lesson that we alone are responsible for our downfall and unless we eradicate that fatal weakness from ourselves we con not hope to survive as a nation. Have we, at least now, learnt that lesson? We nowadays hear that we have won freedom, that there has been all–round awakening and therefore there is no need to worry about our past failings and so on. But is it true that we won freedom solely on the strength of our valour and sacrifice? If it is a fact, then, how is it that the British left Burma and Ceylon also where there was no freedom struggle at all? How did Pakistan – a new independent State – come into being without the least sacrifice on the part of the Muslims? And why did our leaders also acquiesce in it against all their declarations and pledges of securing the independence of undivided Bharat? The fact is, the British had little energy left in them after the blood-bath of the last world war to run a vast and far-flung empire. They were not sure of the loyalty of the Indian Army either. And the British, shrewd as they were, managed to quit all these countries preserving their goodwill and creating for themselves a permanent base in the from of Pakistan. In an old book of Sir John Strachey, the author had stated more than half a century ago that if the British had perchance to quit India, they would do so only after dividing in into ‘Hindu India’ and ‘Muslim India’. The only difference now is that not only did our leaders concur with the British in carrying out that plan but have gone further and cut up the country into ‘Muslim India’ and ‘nonMuslim India’

From Bunch of Thoughts by M S Golwalkar

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