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Internal Transformation

October 11, 2020 | 1 min read

One of the many illusions in man’s thinking is that leaving the world and fleeing is the same as asceticism. The knowledge that is gained by fleeing from the world is not really true. It seems to be true, but it is not true. Those who try to leave the world, they do not indirectly accept God because this world is also created by God.

This misconception halted the development of Indian society. Many people believe that leaving the world and fleeing is spirituality, but in reality, true Sannyas in this world is to do public welfare works by remaining indifferent and selfless. This will uplift the society.

Running away from the problem of life cannot solve it when God is omnipresent. If a pigeon closes its eyes when it sees a cat this does not avert the risk of death. In the same way, hiding face from work and lust does not take away our sorrow until man resolutely thinks of freeing himself from bondage. One should try to cut the bonds. In fact, his asceticism will never succeed until his inner rejuvenation is successful.

I wish you consciousness!

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