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We are only humans

January 13, 2020 | 1 min read

We are only humans.

It is okay to feel low.
It is okay to feel.
It is okay to deal with the failure.
It is okay to even make a deal.
It is okay to say nothing. It is okay to say no.
It okay to hold on. It is okay to let go.

We are only humans.

People suffer more when they succumb to the belief of others. It is important to remember that People are prisoners of their own projections about other people or situation. It has nothing to do with us or what we actually are. What people see in you, how people understand the situation is up to their imagination. You have zero control over their imagination. Free yourself from that prison. Don’t be the prisoner of your own mind. Don’t let the mind and emotions fool you. Failure is not the end. Feeling sad is not weak. Crying is not humiliation. Money is not the only success. Difficult situations make us realize truly that we are only humans. Some things are beyond our control. Our bones can break. Our hearts can break too. We can have tears of sorrow. We can have tears of joy as well. We are supposed to feel everything that’s terrible or everything that’s good. Don’t let yourself down.

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