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Why democracy is not a good idea?

December 24, 2019 | 1 min read

What we perceive as general principles or notions of virtues at large, are constant. Because if they are not constant, they cannot be true. They become mere opinions. And problem with democratic and so called educated society like India is that people tend to kill off everyone with different opinions. If this democratic power of opinions can challenge everything and everyone, it’s a chaos. And how this opinion of mass or majority rule is different from monarchy?

  1. Ethics, as basic principles.
  2. Integrity.
  3. Responsibility.
  4. The respect for Laws and Regulations.
  5. The respect from majority of citizens by right.
  6. The love for work.
  7. The effort to save and invest.
  8. The will to be productive.
  9. Punctuality.

All principles listed above are very well known and proven in western countries. But it is very much difficult to even think of implementing them here because even a worker will have his opinion on how the factory should be run and how the timings of factories should be! And in India, we don’t have liberty of shutting these up with authority. Slightest hint of authority tend to face the raging mass. People are not self-motivated to these principles. And these people are working class people. Those rich people in our country are at least motivated to take risk or to initiate something but problem lies with working class as always.

For this reason I think it is necessary to have dictator in society. Everyone has to obey him without question and work gets done. Of course with time, when goals seem nearer, we can always workout on general voting principle. But as of today, I believe, we have given tremendous power to directionless, thoughtless, stupid people and we hope to harvest wealth and prosperity from them. It’s a dangerous game we are playing. Unless magic happens, there is no positive outcome.

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