inward locus

Sound Of Silence

March 11, 2020 | 1 min read

Eyes are looking for
What is to be found within.
And calling for those
who hear nothing
but the silence
the sound within.
Like the fish
In the ocean,
Unaware of the ocean
So close to be
Is a barrier
The distance
Ignites the passion.
The running
Is useless,
Things i thrive.
Forgetting the fact
That I am the subject
“The One” inside
Beneath the superimposed “I”.
Casting the body
Far aside.
That is where
I have always wanted to be.
The running stops
For the sake of the end.
This void feels good.
This feel existent.
This actuality is the end.

I am singular
I am existent
This non duality
Is shapeless.
I had seen the world
Just Now.
Where has it gone?

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